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'Hits!' Preface by Sean O’Hagan.
Softbound with external sewn binding. 100 screen shots from Google
190pp, 120 x 85mm, €15.00, Edition of 1500
FW Books, Amsterdam. Dec 2012.


'Tokyo Tokyo' Text by Floris-Jan van Luyn, Hans Moleman.
Softbound with dustjaket and printed pink obi band. 260 color images.
192pp, 305 x 216mm, £32.00, Edition of 2000
Kodoji Press, Switzerland, in association with The Archive of Modern Conflict, UK. 2010


'Lu Xiaoben' Preface by Rudolf Simon Bekink and text by Yang Lin
Offset printed, leporello book with hardboard cover and attachehments.
10pp, 340 x 200mm, €12.00, Edition of 1500
WassinkLundgren in association with Badger and Press, China. 2010.


'Empty Bottles' (English Edition) Text by Floris-Jan van Luyn, Hans Moleman.
Stitched binding, 24 colour illustrations on blue backed card
64pp, 310 x 240mm, £18.00, Edition of 2000
Veeman Publishers, Rotterdam. 2007